About Whelby Dental

Dentistry to suit you

Whelby Dental is founded on the principle that all of our patients deserve treatment that is not only of the highest possible quality, but is also tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

We offer two distinct approaches, both of which are covered by our Whelby Standards guarantee.

Our Whelby Standards guarantee

As a Whelby member, you will benefit from our commitment to achieve the highest standard of care.

We guarantee that:

  • We strive to be affordable and cost effective
  • All staff are dedicated to our standards and will ensure that your Whelby experience is high quality, caring and consistent
  • We will inform you fully of the details and cost of treatment and assist you with a sound and unbiased decision based on your needs
  • We will always aim to deliver YOUR desired outcomes
  • We rigorously audit all our staff  to give the highest level care at all times
  • We will endeavour to rectify to the best of our ability anything you are not satisfied with. As a member, you will receive a direct line to the clinical director for any concerns you might have.

The care we deliver is regularly and rigorously audited, by scrutiny of records and X-rays. We also carry out cross-dentist check-ups, whereby Mark or another dentist will perform routine examinations on members from time to time to ensure that care and treatment advice are being properly carried out.

Our team consists of several dentists specialising in different fields, so you can rest assured that whatever you might need, you’ll be directed to the professional who can best help you.

The whole team shares the same ethos and focus when it comes to the welfare of our patients. We train and learn together to provide an ever improving service to all of our members. The health of every individual remains our priority at each appointment, and we strive to always reach the best possible solution for you, even if that means a combination of treatment options that we may not have suggested to other people before.

What’s more, both of our surgeries are on ground level, with easy access for disabled patients and plenty of parking available.

For more information about us here at Whelby Dental, or to speak to a member of our team, please just give us a call. You can reach us on 01279 442602.