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Welcome to Whelby Dental’s Blog

Whilst we are an active dental practice, treating the public day in, day out, one of our prime goals is to inform and educate our friends and patients so they understand the world of dentistry and can make good decisions about their teeth.

Throughout this blog we hope to give interesting and helpful information, some from dental professionals, some from our staff in the practice ranging from serious clinical and ethical issues to light hearted information and useful tips.

When treating our patients, we believe information is key, when deciding on what is right for yourself in life it is best to be armed with good knowledge in advance. This is just as true when it comes to teeth. Everyone’s mouth is different, as are our desires and wishes. Each of you require treating individually but with the same ethos that you must understand the issues and form your own opinion of what you would like us to do.

Sadly, it appears there can be issues in the present NHS dental provisions where treatment can become about availability on the system rather than what you need or want. It is important you understand what is available and what you are entitled to along with how the contract structure may affect the treatment provisions. We hope to touch more on these issues in later posts. It can also be hard to ascertain what is good, bad or fair in private dentistry and what is worth paying for. We hope to shed some light on these matter for you as well.

Dentistry is a fast-developing area of healthcare and we hope we can bring you information about current and new technologies that can enhance your care. Interesting case studies on the latest treatments and results of research and development are always a good insight into what works and what is best avoided. Always keep an eye out for the latest clinical posts.

Whelby has always prided itself on an honest, clear and understandable approach, we hope this blog will be the same, helping you gain an insight into the dental world.

Obviously, anyone wishing to have a more in depth one to one discussion about their own dental issues need only call us and ask for a complimentary consultation. Just quote “BLOGCONS” to the staff when you call.

Looking forward to getting info out there.

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