Referral Services

Periodontics consultation

If you suspect that your patient may have developed periodontitis, or has a particular bad case of gingivitis, our specialists will be able to diagnose and treat this accordingly.

Endodontics consultation

If you notice any infected or damaged tissue within your patient’s tooth, we would urge you to bring them to us for an endodontics consultation. Our specialist Fernando will be more than happy to also perform the root canal treatment if necessary.

Implantology consultation

If your patient is interested in getting implants they will need to be primarily assessed by JK, to make sure that their jaw and oral health is in the necessary condition to proceed with the treatment.

Oral Surgery consultation

If your patient needs any type of oral surgery, it is important to make sure that it is the best option for their personal situation. A full examination and any other diagnostic tests will be carried out to ensure that your patient receives the treatment that is right for them.