Periodontal Services at Whelby

Whelby referrals centre has set up its periodontal department to give the best service to you and your patients. There are some key goal we strive to achieve:

  • High level of expertise to supplement and follow on from the GDP service
  • Information based treatment where the patient is educated to participate in and handle ongoing care
  • Cost effective care to allow access to all.

We achieve this with the staged approach to periodontal care. Time is spent before complex treatments to forge a good working relationship with the patient to ensure lasting outcomes. Each patient goes through the process of:

  1. Initial explanatory and fact finding visit. This allows the patient to fully understand the disease and what is required by both us and them to treat it. We find this very beneficial in ascertaining if patients will commit to the programme of treatment. This is a good filter for success and assists you, the referring , to ensure your duty of care knowing that the patient is fully informed whether the accept or decline treatment.
  1. Clinical recording and assessment visit. This is the baseline against which treatment and its success are measured. From here we can set the most suitable treatment for your patients and have full informed discussions on their investment of time and money into this. Some of your patients may have a limit to their resources and we try to tailor treatment to give the best value for this expenditure. Some patients may well gain great benefit and improvement from education, understanding and simple maintenance even if they don’t wish to invest in more complex treatment.
  1. Treatment phase. Many treatment options are available, but we will only move to this phase step by step, with strict clinical guidelines to ensure successful conclusions. Non surgical and surgical procedures are available, some case studies are laid out below.

Non surg.     Surgical deep pockets.   Surgical furcations.   Regeneration aids, emdogain

Working with our referrers. After care is one of the most important aspects of periodontal treatment. We want to work closely with our GDP’s, therapists and hygienists to create lasting outcomes. We find the best results are achieved when we continue working in relationship with you for the long term good of the patient. We do this by:

  1. Liaising through the Whelby clinical team. We visit your practice with feedback, advice and to aid with the referral process
  2. We run in house seminars and discussion evenings, where formal talks and informal information sharing takes place. We particularly welcome hygienists and therapists as they often play a large role in ongoing periodontal care
  3. Our website has relevant case studies, clinical updates, and discussion forums to keep good communication with referrers and experts as well as the whole clinical team.

If you wish to have any further information please feel free to download info or request a practice visit.