A Straightforward Process

That doesn’t interrupt your daily life


Visit for an assessment. At this point we can explain to you the treatment you may require and if you are suited to it


Records and information are sent off for a computerised smile design to establish the exact timings and cost for your specific care plan. At this stage you will see a digital projection of your future smile


Your personalised aligners will be fitted and you will attend every 8-10 weeks to monitor progress and fit further aligners until completion and your retainers are fitted

The advantages of using clear aligners are:

  • They are removable, clearly better than the old style fixed braces
  • Custom made to fit they are comfortable for 24/7 wear, no inconvenience
  • They are clear, nearly invisible to anyone you meet

Enhance your life, develop your perfect smile, get what you want

Call for your assessment and take that step in to your better future


Sinead Saich

Restorative Dentist

Sinead has 12 years of experience with clear aligners, is Invisalign accredited and can set your new smile in motion.