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Is dentistry relevant to Covid -19 risk?

Where lays the biggest risk, in seeing your dentist or in NOT seeing your dentist?

It has been suggested that seeing your dentist is a risk in the present COVID-19 alert, that there is an increased infection rate through dental procedures. Research is suggesting the coronavirus may be able to spread in aerosol, fine water droplets that are suspended in the air, such as that produced by the dentist’s drill or hygienist’s scaler.

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Welcome to Whelby Dental’s Blog

Whilst we are an active dental practice, treating the public day in, day out, one of our prime goals is to inform and educate our friends and patients so they understand the world of dentistry and can make good decisions about their teeth.

Throughout this blog we hope to give interesting and helpful information, some from dental professionals, some from our staff in the practice ranging from serious clinical and ethical issues to light hearted information and useful tips.

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